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Welcome to Milan, the city of  EXPO 2015




Useful information for a healthy holiday


People with a particular condition (chronic illnesses, pregnancy) should visit their family doctor before leaving. In cases of continuous treatment, make sure that you have a sufficient supply of medicine for the length of your stay and the prescription for the medicine being taken.

Make sure that babies and children have had  the recommended vaccinations for their age group. It is advisable to check the immunity situation for measles and have the vaccination before leaving if unprotected.



Climate and clothing


EXPO will be open during months that are quite hot in Milan and Lombardy.

Sultry weather and intense heat, often associated with high levels of humidity, strong sunlight and lack of ventilation can cause illnesses and health problems. 

Follow these simple rules to counter the effects of the summer heat: 

• Drink lots of water, avoid alcohol, eat light meals and lots of fruit and vegetables

• Avoid any physical activity during the hottest part of the day

• Wear loose light-coloured clothes in natural fibres (e.g. linen or cotton) that allow moisture to leave the body,  plus a hat and sunglasses

In case of headaches caused by sunstroke or excess heat, bathe immediately with cool water, lie down in a cool place and call a doctor. 



Mosquitoes. Use repellent on the skin to protect yourself from mosquito bites both during the day and the evening.


Allergies to pollens. You can read the pollen bulletins which give the weekly concentrations in Lombardy












In Italy food labelling according to European Union regulations is mandatory ( All food, even that sold individually and in bars and restaurants should indicate the presence of allergens e.g. cereals that contain gluten. Be wary of foods that are not properly stored: cooked foods not kept hot, cold food products kept at room temperature and/or loose products kept unprotected. 

Wash your hands regularly with soap and water especially before eating and after having used the bathroom. Alternatively you can used alcohol-based liquids readily available in chemists and supermarkets. 



According to the W.H.O. Italy is a rabies-free country. If you bring a dog or cat with you, make sure that it meets the European Union health standards. These always require identification by means of microchip and current valid anti-rabies vaccination. You can find more details on the site.


Smart Sex

Protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases (HIV/ Syphilis/ Gonorrhoea) by always using a condom during casual sexual relations or with prostitutes. Condoms can be bought in chemist’s or supermarkets.


Emergency health service number 112



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